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) The Heart of an Addict

1430326727, Offers as never before a view straight into the "heart of an addict". Written by an ex Methamphetamine Manufacturer during his incarnation in state prison. The three primary objectives of this book is to aid addicts in recovery, detour youngsters from ever becoming addicts and to enlighten family members of addicts as to why their loved ones think, feel and act as they do. The beautifully written poems depict a tragic story of one man who sold out all his dreams to the "high" and found himself lost in the revolving door syndrome of prison where he finally gave it all over to God. A must read for anyone who's life has been affected by addiction. The Other Side of Reality

1435711319, Written by a ex-addict during and after his release from state prison. A very strong recovery book it is the third in my addiction series. The three things that must be healed to change and become what the Lord intends for us to be is, the heart, mind, and soul. The truth is constantly being altered in order to fit our desires. The heart and soul unite and together they battle our worst enemy; our mind, We must learn to battle this old nemesis with all we are. The poems inside this book tell of one mans struggle with addiction and how it lead him to prison. It is a powerful book full of wisdom and joy. If your seeking to learn about addiction I urge you to read this book. The Soul of Desire

1430312289, Written to try and show the relationship between the heart and soul and how they share the pain of addiction. The heart wrenching poems depict the trials of doing time in prison and how it breaks the heart and destroys the soul. Written for the purpose of recovery this book also goes into the trials one faces after being released and the joys of a successful recovery. 35 Classroom Management Strategies: Promoting Learning and Building Community [With DVD]

0130990760, "50 Classroom Strategies for Building a Community of Learners" is organized into sections related to the important themes in creating a community of learners. Within each section, strategies are explained and steps in implementing the strategies are given. Two classroom examples are given for each strategy in order to show how use of the strategies will differ according to the ages of the learners and the content of the curriculum. Features include: <UL><LI>Step-by-step Instructions - Each strategy is explained with step-by-step instructions to make the implementation easier for the teacher. </LI><LI>Connections for English Learners - Margin notes with strategies for the effective instruction of English learners.</LI><LI>"Strategies on Video DVD" - Teacher demonstrations of the strategies in real classroom settings. </LI><LI>Additional Teacher Resources - Forms, Blackline masters, and other resources at the end of the book.</LI></UL>
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